Recently I discovered a funny thing, that tag cloud widgets get mixed up between my blogs, that were the part of the same installation using WordPress 3.0.1 Multisite, and the latest version of WP Widget Cache.

I started to dig a bit deeper, and I found a problem around cache key creating.
For example if you have a tag cloud widget in the first position of the sidebar on many blogs, the first one that shows up, and get cached will be displayed everywhere…

The solution I came up with, is that simply add the domain name of the site into the widget cache key, so it will be totally unique around the site, and the installation as well.

If you are intrested in this patch, you can grab it here:
WP Widget Cache – patch

I also send it to the author, Andrew Zhang.

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  1. Thank you , Great job !

  2. Can you send this patch to me , Thank you !

  3. wifay, It’s not needed anymore, thus the latest version of the plugin contains a solution to this problem :)